In the center of the circular plaza

The large, well-preserved stairway leads up the back mound of the U-Shaped Old Temple, and opposite is a partially-preserved staircase leading to the site's lower terraces. Directly above this small staircase is a pointed hill; a observer standing in the center of the circular plaza will see the sun rise over this hill on December 21, the winter solstice of the Southern Hemisphere. The thatched roofing protects a series of engraved stone plaques portraying jaguars and Chavín personages, revealed during excavations in the Circular Plaza.

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Symbol in left side of the hut
Carving of feline-human figure holding staff of San Pedro cactus. This and similar figures encircle the Circular Plaza, above a row of smaller feline figures.
Symbol in right side of the hut
One of the feline carvings that encircle the Circular Plaza of the Old Temple; below, a row of feline-human figures.