Chavín de Huántar Setting     
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 The site of Chavín itself is located at 3150 m of altitude in the narrow canyon of the Mosna River, just at the point where it widens slightly and the major Wacheqsa stream joins it. The site occupies a relatively flat river terrace, which has been substantially modified to accommodate the central part of the site, which lies within an area about 500x500 m.

Panoramic view of Chavín valley.

Looking down at Chavín de Huántar from a ceremonial platform of unknown date high on the hills to the east. The Mosna River drains from left to right, and is joined by the Wachecsa River, flowing from the west. In the distance are snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca mountain chain. The small modern town of Chavín de Huántar (population of approximately 1000) lies just north of the site.