Explorando Chavín de Huántar     
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  Leadership and power may have evolved through many routes. Early roles of leaders probably included organizing the relatively recently instituted agricultural food production, coordinating the increasingly large local living groups (villages, towns), coordinating aggression and defense, and serving as a religious leadership. Leaders probably benefited from their key position in society, and probably saw benefits in expanding the area and population over which they had control. While those being led may have benefited from certain aspects of the organization, they inevitably had to support such specialists through increasing levels of contributed labor or produce.  It is likely that early leaders were searching for strategies through which they could convince others of their ability and right to make decisions and control others.

The essential issue for this page is, then, to seek out some of the directly observable aspects of Chavín de Huántar that might relate to such a convincing system. You will have the opportunity to explore the site, look in detail at selected objects and situations, and come to your own conclusions. Obviously, by our very selection of what you can see, we have certain influence over what you will find and perhaps think, but at another level we are presenting you with a very real sample of the site.