Archaeological Research on the Tiwanaku polity in Peru and Bolivia.
Alvaro Higueras, Ph.D.

El Periodo Intermedio (Horizonte Medio) en los Valles de  Cochabamba. En Huari y Tiwanaku: Modelos vs. Evidencias (2001)

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 The South Central Andes in maps
 The site
 Tiwanaku and politics
 The hinterland
 Distribution of artifacts
 Variation in strategies
 Advances in research
 Tiwanaku style
 Petrographic analysis

A Brief Introduction to the Tiwanaku Polity, a Flash presentation - 300k.
En castellano: Una Breve Introducción a la Sociedad Tiwanaku

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Research in Cochabamba

 Resumen en castellano
 Tiwanaku in Cochabamba
 Research objectives
 Areas of research (land use analysis)
 Models of interregional interaction
 (political subordination)
 Research design
 Early Intermediate Period in Capinota
 Middle Horizon in Capinota
 EIP in Mizque
 MH in Mizque

The Tiwanaku Cemetery at Arani
Cochabamba PhD dissertation
 Andean Research
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