John Verano < forwards this call for papers from Peter Eeckhout <>. The symposium will be part of a conference to be held April 2-5, 2008, in Belgium. -Dan

The symposium Funerary Practices and Patterns in Ancient South America will take place at the 2008 meeting of the Red Europea de Estudios Amerindios in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium. The focus of the symposium will be funerary context studies from all time periods in South America.
The number of burials excavated in South America has increased exponentially over the past 20 years. The diversity of finds has permitted major advances in all fields concerned with the study of tombs and human remains, from palaeopathology to social organisation and economics, as well as development of stylistic and temporal chronologies. The aim of this symposium is to unite all the investigators at the congress who are working in any area of funerary archaeology and its allied
fields. Both theoretical and practical aspects will be addressed, ranging from peri-mortem treatment of the body to tomb/cemetery organisation and ascertaining the nature of relationships that existed between the realms of the living and the deceased in South American societies. We encourage the presentation of unedited work, works in progress and any original studies, be they methodological or theoretical.
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If you are interested, please submit a tentative paper title and short abstract as soon as possible for inclusion in this symposium. In addition, please forward this to any other scholar who may be interested.
Thank you,
Peter Eeckhout
(Dpt Histoire, Art, & Archéologie, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
Lawrence Stewart Owens
(Bioarchaeology Section, Birkbeck College FCE, University of London, UK)
Session Organizers