South American Archaeology Seminar

The next South American Archaeology Seminar in London is scheduled for Saturday 29th November. At the Institute of Archaeology UCL, 34 Gordon Square, London.

Everyone is welcome. But, it is important that you reply to this e-mail [Bill Sillar <] if you wish to confirm your participation and order your lunch. A contribution of £5 towards the cost of coffee, tea, lunch & administration will be required on the day.

10.30 am Coffee

11.00 am Reginaldo Barcelos (Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
Investigating gold smelting techniques in colonial Brazil
(Derretendo o ouro, apurando as técnicas: um estudo arqueológico da
Casa de Fundição e Intendência de Sabará, Minas GeraisBrasil (1730-1830)

11.35 George Lau (University of East Anglia) Recent studies on
the prehistoric occupation of Yayno (AD 400 - 800), north highlands of
Ancash, Peru

12.10 noon Macarena Cardenas (The Open University) Climate change,
paleoindian and megafauna extinction in Southern Patagonia during the
late Pleistocene.


2.00 pm Claudia Grimaldo (University of Manchester) and Fábio
Freitas (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária) Investigating
the evolutionary history of maize in South America

2.35 Ann Kendall (Cusichaca Trust) Agriculture and adaptations
to climate changes in the Central Andes: past and present


3.30 Daniela Castellanos (St. Andrews University) Rites of
passage and envy in a ceramic context at Ráquira municipality
(Colombia): some ethnographical data and archaeological implications

4.05 Jose Oliver (University College London) Marcel Mauss in
the Caribbean: Alienable and Inalienable Gift Exchanges.

This event is Co-sponsored by: The Institute for the Study of the
Americas & The Institute of Archaeology, UCL

Our next meeting will de on Saturday 9th May 2009 - If you would
like to present a paper we would very much like to hear from you.

Bill Sillar and Gill Hey



Meeting November 2007

We have been holding these London meetings twice a year since 1990. They provide a fairly informal way for people to discuss recent research on any theme related to the Archaeology of South America and to help develop and maintain contacts. Anyone passing through London in May or November would be very welcome to join us and we are always looking for new contributors to present papers. Our next seminar is on Saturday 24th November 2007 and the following one is on Saturday 10th May 2008.  Attendees (who are not giving papers) are asked to make a contribution of £5 .00 towards the  cost of coffee, tea, lunch & administration cheques, please e-mail in advance so that I can arrange suitable quantities of sandwiches!.

Date: 24th November 2007

Location: 6th floor seminar room, The Institute of Archaeology, UCL University College London, 34 Gordon Square, WC1H 0PY (near Euston Train Station)
Co-sponsored by: The Institute for the Study of the Americas & The Institute of Archaeology, UCL
10.30 am Coffee
11.00 am William Gosling (The Open University) Holocene fire and occupation in the Amazonia
11.30 am Michael Frogley (University of Sussex) Mites, mud and the rise and fall of the Inca: oribatid mite abundances as indicators of domestic animal densities
12.00 noon Trish Biers (Cambridge University) The Puruchuco-Huaquerones Bioarchaeology Project:
recent research at an Inka cemetery in Lima, Peru
2.00 pm Charles Stanish, Ran Boytner (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA) and Aimee Plourde
(Institute of Archaeology, UCL) Revising the Later Prehistory of the South Central Andes: New Data
from the Atacama and Northern Titicaca Basin.
3.45 pm Cesar Astuhuaman (Institute of Archaeology, UCL) Mining and Archaeology: the Rio Blanco
Project within the Highlands of Piura, Peru
4.15 pm Frank Meddens (Preconstruct Archaeology) Sacred space and continuity in Ayacucho; results
of recent work

Our next South American Archaeology Seminar will de on: Saturday 10th May 2008

Dr Bill Sillar
Institute of Archaeology,
34 Gordon Square