Rosemary Lyon (rdlyon @ sends the following announcement of the 
upcoming Pre-Columbian Society symposium highlighting the career of Elizabeth 
Benson, to be held in mid-September in Washington, DC. -Dan

Pre-Columbian Symposium September 16, 2006

The Pre-Columbian Society of Washington, D.C. is currently accepting 
registrations for its September 2006 symposium, Adventures in Pre-Columbian 
Studies: Illuminating the Past and Imagining the Future.?  The symposium, to be 
held from 9:10 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, September 16, will offer a journey 
into pre-Columbian studies as told through the career of Elizabeth P. Benson,
a remarkable scholar whose achievements span the many distinct disciplines and 
cultures that make up the pre-Columbian field.  

Elizabeth Benson created the Pre-Columbian Studies Program at Dumbarton Oaks, 
organized the first Maya hieroglyphic study group in the U.S., and, through her 
own research, refined the ways in which iconography and cross-cultural studies are 
used to explore the ancient American past.  In tribute to her many contributions, 
this symposium will bring together some of today's leading scholars to recap the 
thinking of the past, delve into the cutting edge ideas of the present, and provide
glimpses into the potential breakthroughs of the future.

Julie Jones of The Metropolitan Museum of Art will moderate the symposium and 
will give introductory remarks. Other speakers include Steve Bourget of UT/Austin,
Alana Cordy-Collins of UC/San Diego, Esther Pasztory of Columbia University, Peter 
Roe of the University of Delaware, Justin Kerr of New York City, and Gillett Griffin 
of Princeton University.  Following the speakers, Elizabeth Benson will give a brief
address about the future of scholarship in the fields discussed in the preceding 

The September 16 symposium will be held at the U.S. Navy Memorial and Naval 
Heritage Center at 701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., in the heart of Washington, D.C.  
The Center is conveniently located next to the Archives Metro station  

The registration form and further information about the symposium are available from 
the Pre-Columbian Society's website,  Questions may be directed to
scott.m.wilson @